The Infinite Undoing

curated by GALLERI 2987 x Things Feel Heavy


"The Infinite Undoing"  Co-sponsored by  Things Feel Heavy
This show is about 'letting go'; the ways in which we let go, that which we hold onto, our inability to let go and its resulting affect, and the absolution in the act itself. 

'Letting go’ is the final gesture after acceptance. It is the last sequential step in the process of moving forward. Without the final act of letting go, the things we hold on to destructively manifest in other ways and at other times, and lead to our eventual, and often infinite, undoing. The things we must eventually let go of (people, events, beliefs, etc.) are as numerous as the ways we find to do so. For the creative-minded, resolution is often found buried in the nuances of work.


A group show featuring 50 works

Opening: April 13th, 7pm-10pm


Hatchback 12


Slow Kill, 2017, acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in. 

Slow Kill, 2017, acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in. 


Opening Reception April 7, 6:00pm — 10:00pm
Hatch Art Gallery, 3456 Evaline, Hamtramck, MI

Gallery Hours: Saturdays, noon-6pm
Artist Talks weekly at 2:00pm

Hatchback 12 is Hatch Art's annual juried exhibition for all media. This year, Lauren Semivan served as jurist, selecting 43 artists to show over 50 artworks from a pool of over 400. This group includes well-known artists as well as many who are showing their work for the first time. Here is the complete list:
‘jide Aje
Jennifer Belair
Tiffany Bolk
Gail Borowski
Jan Brown
Doug Cannell
Alana Carlson
John Cates
Rachel DeBoard
Ian Decker
Maria Elliott
Alison Franco
Robby Gall
Lorena Ganser
Michael Garguilo
Nina Goebel
Claudia Hershman
Rosemarie Hughes
Bowen Kline
Stacey MacLeod
Mara Magyarosi-Laytner
Marceline Mason
Michael McGillis
Italia Millan
Toby Millman
Sarah Nesbitt
Jo Powers
Jason Reed
Denise Rieck
Mike Ross
Erin K. Schmidt
Rachel Seeger
Kristina Sheufelt
Geralyn Shukwit
Joseph Smedo
Ann Smith
Janelle Smith
Megan Stone
Jack Summers
Rachel Thomas
Britta Urness
Larry Zdeb
Lori Zurvalec


I SPY...

Spotted on the cover of a gallery guide at Gerald R. Ford International Airport this winter. Part of my heart still resides in Grand Rapids as they have the most inclusive, supportive, and unique art community. I am proud to have been a member of the Avenue for the Arts and thank all the local artists for their support and amazing persistence to grow and flourish.


photo cred. my dear friend Amber Stout

Detroit Art Press

Check out the new Detroit Art Press (DAP) collective. They will be selling limited edition prints of my Rejects series on their site along will many more works by great Detroit artists. Thanks for the love! 


MMaK goes to Indiana!

MMaK will be at University of Indiana- Bloomington this fall for a new collaborative exhibition. Our work will be on view at the Fuller Projects space on campus. Check out or newest individual works as well as a series of mixed media pieces we collaborated on.